Have you ever asked yourself.......


  • Are you saving enough money to meet your goals?


  • Are you doing everything you can to reduce your taxes? Is your tax return correct?


  • Are your estate planning documents consistent with your wishes?


  • What will happen to your financial estate if your spouse has long-term care issues? What will be left for you?


  • Are you confident about making the right decision when choosing your retirement payout?


  • How will you be able to pay for the rising costs of health care?


  • Can you fund your children’s education?


  • Do you worry that you will outlive your money?


  • Do you know how a 10% market correction will affect your ability to achieve your goals?



Under the partnership of Karen Evans and Pamela Zell, Six Point Financial Group, LLC provides comprehensive financial planning solutions and independent and unbiased investment recommendations.


If you would like to explore these questions, or any others you may have, please call us at 636.519.0049.



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