The Six Points of the Financial Planning Process

With a highly trained staff that includes three Certified Financial Planning professionals, Six Point Financial Group provides comprehensive financial planning services along with independent and unbiased investment recommendations. Your unique plan is created targeting your family goals and your tolerance for risk.

You will receive personal service from our firm, beginning with our initial meeting. At that first session, we will discuss your financial goals and life needs as well as planning for future generations. We discuss your tolerance for risk and investing in the market. After conducting a thorough analysis, we will present a financial plan that, together as partners, we will implement, monitor and update. We will meet with you on a regular basis to update your plan, track your progress and determine if any changes need to be made.

1) Cash Flow Analysis. Tracking your cash flow helps build a foundation for two critical financial objectives: solvency and security. We will help you understand your budget and what to do with the excess or how to meet the shortfall.

2) Investment Planning. We want your portfolio to grow as well as your peace of mind. Our disciplined investment approach is rooted in the 3 principles of asset allocation, diversification and rebalancing. Your portfolio is designed to match your tolerance for risk and is continually monitored and adjusted to stay within a designated margin.

3) Retirement Planning. Tell us where you want to go and we will tell you if you can get there... or what changes might need to be made to get there. Additionally, we are able to stress test your goals in case there is a change in inflation, turn in the market or change in your financial contribution.

4) Tax Planning. Taxes can erode your earnings and savings and compromise your financial plan. Most financial decisions have tax consequences and a critical part of the plan is to evaluate various options in order to minimize this impact.

5) Insurance Counseling. All insurance policies are reviewed and updated as necessary to meet your objectives.

6) Gift and Estate Planning. We work closely with your estate planning attorney to ensure your plan meets your long-term objectives. Additionally, we will execute the plan to put the wheels in motion so that your legacy goals are met whether this be for your heirs or charitable in nature.

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